Dr. Kenawy's InflamMove (Vegetarian Capsules)
Dr. Kenawy's InflamMove (Vegetarian Capsules)

Dr. Kenawy's InflamMove (Vegetarian Capsules)

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Studies show inflammation is involved in many chronic diseases. COX-2 (Cyclooxygenase-2) is an enzyme that regulates the production of chemicals that are involved in processes such as inflammation, cell growth, blood clotting and other important biological processes.† 

The hormone-like compounds produced by over activity of COX-2 have been shown to have several detrimental effects on the body including pain, damage to joints, and damage to the cardiovascular and neurological systems as well as abnormal cell proliferation. The COX-2 enzyme is responsible for a significant component of the inflammatory process.† 

A model for COX biosynthesis and function. COX-1: cyclooxygenase-1; COX-2: cyclooxygenase 2; TXA2: thromboxane A2; PGE2: prostaglandin E2; PGI2: prostaglandin I2 (prostacyclin); GI: gastrointestinal. [2]

Dr. Kenawy’s formula is targeted at helping to support normal, healthy COX-2 activity; of which includes phytochemical / phytonutrient-rich ingredients such as: Turmeric rhizome extract, Ginger rhizome extract, trans-Resveratrol, Grape seed extract. These natural alternatives of herbal extracts such as of turmeric, ginger and their active phytochemical constituents are reported to be effective COX-2 inhibitors. Others such as Boswellia serrata extract (boswellic acids) inhibit the formation of inflammatory leukotrienes. Some of these herbal extracts such as curcuminoids from turmeric are known to also inhibit other inflammatory molecules such as cytokines.†

***Learn more about Boswellic Acids, phytonutrients & inflammation under Dr. Kenawy’s products section here "Boswellia Extract".***


Phytonutrients are natural chemicals or compounds produced by plants. They have specific biological activities with potential benefits to human health, including disease prevention. They also have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can help support a healthy human body.† [3]

They can be found in:

  • fruits 
  • vegetables 
  • whole grains 
  • tea 
  • nuts 
  • beans 
  • spices

Phytonutrients are also known for other characteristics including: 

  • Carotenoids are beneficial for eye health and immune health. Two of the six more common carotenoids — lutein and zeaxanthin — are found in the retina and can decrease your risk of developing macular degeneration by 43 percent, according to studies. 
  • Flavonoids can protect against cancer and cardiovascular disease. These phytochemicals contribute to healthy cell communication. This can trigger detoxification, decrease inflammation, and reduce the risk of tumors spreading. 
  • Glucosinolates are similar in helping to prevent cancer. Found predominantly in cruciferous vegetables — such as broccoli, bok choy, cauliflower, and brussel sprouts — they help to eliminate toxins in the body. † [3]

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) notes that consuming a phytonutrient-rich diet seems to be an “effective strategy” for reducing cancer and heart disease risks. Studies have shown that some phytonutrients secondary metabolites, some of which are used in traditional medicine, can reduce inflammation and carcinogenesis (the initiation of cancer formation) through modulating COX-2.† [2]

Phytonutrients shown to modulate COX-2 Commonly Present in Human Diet (Table 1 [2])


Main Compounds used in CAM (complementary and alternative medicine)

Major plant food sources



Spices (Paprika, Cayenne, Chili), Sweet Potato (Baked), Dark Green Leafy Vegetables (Spinach, Cooked), Kale (Frozen, Cooked), Carrots (Cooked), Cos or Romaine Lettuce


Red-pigmented vegetables and fruits such as Carrots, Red peppers, Radishes, Mangoes Blueberries Cranberry and in Green Algae


Leafy greens like spinach, kale, Lettuce, Basil, Squash, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Leek, Asparagus, Green peas


Guavas, Watermelon, Tomatoes (cooked), Papaya, Grapefruit, Sweet Red Peppers (Cooked)

Phenolic compound


Turmeric (ingredient in curry powders)


Red Grapes, Berries, Peanuts

Ferulic acid

Coffee, spinach, asparagus, carrots tomato, whole Grains apples, pears, pineapples, citric fruits, dry dates, cabbage, olive, peanuts.


Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG)

White, Green and Black Teas, Carob Flour, Apple skin, Onion, Pecans Filberts or Hazelnuts, raw cranberries and pistachios


Capers, Lovage leaves, Red onion, Berries, Leafy green veggies, including spinach, kale,Apples, Red grapes, Peppers. Dark cherries and berries (blueberries, bilberries, blackberries and others), Tomatoes, Cruciferous veggies, including broccoli, cabbage and sprouts Citrus fruits


Lupin, fava beans, soybeans, kudzu, and psoralea and in in the medicinal plants, Flemingia vestita and F. macrophylla, and coffee


Cereal grains, such as wheat, rice, barley, oat and maize and also a bamboo,

Fatty acids

Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAS)

Walnuts, Sunflower seeds, Flax seeds. Flax oil, Corn oil Soybean oil, Safflower oil

Alpha-linoleic acid (ALA)

Flaxseeds, flaxseed oil, Canola (rapeseed) oil, Soybeans and soybean oil, Pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oil, Perilla seed oil, Tofu, Walnuts and walnut oil

Dr. Kenway’s InflamMove formula provides a synergistic combination of nutraceuticals including powerful botanical extracts targeted at helping to support normal, healthy COX-2 activity. Some of his ingredients contain state-of-the-art extract “leucoselect® phytosome®” uses patented Phytosome technology to bind powerful grapeseed oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs) with soy phospholipids for enhanced bioavailability, creating the most effective grape seed extract ever for maximum free-radical protection. Some benefits of Grape seed phytosome include: Cardiovascular support, Healthy skin, Immune function support, A potent antioxidant* †


  • A powerful blend of nutraceuticals to support the body’s natural inflammatory response.
  • With standardized herbs like white willow, boswellia, turmeric, ginger and devil’s claw. Devil’s claw and white willow are herbal drugs in Europe.
  • Proprietary enzyme/herbal blend provides a variety of enzymes, antioxidants, and flavonoids that helps support a normal, healthy inflammatory response.
  • Vegetarian. vegetarian capsules.
  • Take on an empty stomach



  • This unique formula supports normal, healthy COX-2 activity.
  • Helps support a normal, healthy recovery for “weekend warriors”.
  • Helps support normal joint flexibility and function.
  • Boswellia and turmeric help support a healthy inflammatory response.
  • The active compounds in devil’s claw known as harpagosides have been well documented to help support a normal, healthy inflammatory response.
  • The active compound in white willow is known as salicin. Salicin, like aspirin, is a chemical derivative of salicylic acid; both of which help support healthy COX-2 activity.
  • Numerous studies have demonstrated a supportive role for antioxidants in inflammatory-related processes.
  • The inflammatory-supporting properties of the enzymes bromelain and papain help support healthy tissue and promote normal, healthy joint function.

These statements have not been evaluated by The Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your General Practitioner. If you have a severe medical condition or health concern, see your physician.




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