Olive Leaves Nutrition & Consultation Center

​Established in 1985 by Dr. Ahmed Kenawy, Olive Leaves is here to empower others to bring balance into lives by uncovering and addressing underlying barriers to health and wellness. We will provide you with the finest quality-encompassing fresh, natural, organic and whole foods; as well as nutritional products, body care products and health information in a fun, comfortable, clean and safe environment.

Let's Talk Vitamin D!

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  • Respiratory, Digestive, & Immune System Support

  • Stress Management Support

  • Bone Density & Strength Support

  • Digestion and Absorption

  • Inflammation & Pain Support

Respiratory, Digestive, & Immune System Support


Stress Management Support


Bone Density & Strength Support

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Digestion and Absorption

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Inflammation & Pain Support

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