Why Dr. Kenawy's Products?


Dr. Kenawy's Professional Line supplements have been formulated for Dr. Kenawy, Sr., a veteran of the health and supplement industry for more than 35 years. 
He partnered with one of the world's leading private supplement companies to bring you some of the highest quality supplements in the health industry.
Our manufacturing partners' certifications offer independent confirmation of the quality they have always maintained in manufacturing of our products. They partner with the industry's premier group of independent labs, which conduct third-party testing to ensure quality standards are met or exceeded and specialized requirements are addressed.


We are Certified by:

    • NSF/NSF Sport GMP certified. NSF developed and maintains the only accredited American National Standard to certify dietary supplements through product testing programs and manufacturing process evaluation to verify supplement product quality.

    • Natural Products Association GMP certified. NPA was the first organization to offer a third-party GMP certification program to establish the industry's best practices for the manufacturing of supplements.

    • Our facility is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Compliant, using eco-friendly air filtration and producing no hydrochlorofluorocarbons, preserving the integrity of our products and reducing our carbon footprint.

    • Our products are PCR verified GMO-free. PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) testing is a method of detecting genetic material in products [ie: genetically modified organism (GMO)].

    • UL certified. UL stands for Underwriter Laboratories, a third-party certification company that’s been around for over a century. In a nutshell, UL is a safety organization that sets industry-wide standards on new products. They continually check these products to ensure they’re up to these standards. UL testing makes sure that wire sizes are correct or devices can handle the amount of current they claim to be able to. They also ensure that products are constructed correctly for the highest safety.




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