Dr. Kenawy's Cordyceps Mushroom

Dr. Kenawy's Cordyceps Mushroom

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The Cordyceps mushroom is an important component of traditional Chinese medicine, widely popular for its various health benefits. The cordyceps mushroom benefits are backed by scientific evidence, although most of the cordyceps extract experiments and studies were performed on animal models or in vitro. Cordyceps mushrooms are also known as Himalayan gold as they grow on the plateaus of the Himalayas and are expensive medicinal mushrooms.  The mushroom usually grows as a parasite on the head of Lepidoptera moth caterpillars that are found naturally in these Himalayan plateaus. Also, cordyceps grows on different insects and spiders, feeding off of the organism and mummifying it in the process. The mushroom then causes these zombie insects and spiders to move to low-growing plants and trees which have the ideal conditions for the fungus to grow. 

The anti-inflammatory properties of cordyceps mushroom. (1) According to several different studies that have been used to prove that fighting inflammation is one of the cordyceps mushrooms benefits, the consumption of cordyceps mushrooms results in the suppression of different inflammation-producing proteins in the body. This helps mushroom users avoid excessive inflammation, which, in turn, results in better immune functions and a healthier lifestyle. The anti-inflammatory or modulatory effects of the mushroom were especially exaggerated in macrophages, special cells in the immune system of the body responsible for finding and engulfing foreign particles. However, a different study found that these effects are not as pronounced as the current anti-inflammatory medications. Due to the cordyceps militaris benefits on inflammation, the cordyceps supplement became widely used in anti-inflammatory supplements. In an animal study performed on mice, it was found that the cordyceps mushroom can reduce inflammation in the bronchial pathways of mice with asthma. This points toward the potential use of cordyceps mushrooms in the treatment of asthma or at least, the management of an asthma attack. Apart from reducing inflammation on the inside, the cordyceps benefit also includes topical anti-inflammatory effects. 


Cordyceps supplements improve cardiovascular health because Sinensis and militaris mushrooms are rich in adenosine, a component crucial for proper heart health. The mushroom's nutrients, bioactive compounds, amino acids, etc. can help you avoid heart disease. The benefits of cordyceps mushrooms also include anti-hypertensive properties. These properties of the medicinal mushroom further promote the cardioprotective properties of the mushroom—they make the cordyceps mushroom benefits for heart health even more pronounced. 


The mushroom cordyceps benefits that allow the cordyceps mushroom to dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow through the body are what contribute to the aphrodisiac effect of the cordyceps. 

In Chinese medicine, the cordyceps mushroom has been commonly used as a means of increasing libido and improving sexual function. The cordyceps benefits result in increased blood flow with the result being noticed in the penile region—this results in an erection. 

This is why the cordyceps sinensis benefits are also used for the management of erectile dysfunction. As a natural way of managing erectile dysfunction, Cordyceps is usually considered a better solution than using pharmaceutical drugs. (2)

Help control blood sugar

Cordyceps are also known to have blood sugar control effects. As one of the organic cordyceps mushroom benefits involves cordyceps mimicking the actions of insulin in adults with type 2 diabetes, it promotes the uptake of glucose by peripheral cells, resulting in significantly low blood sugar levels—this helps with the management of the disease. 

Health research has shown that cordyceps is very effective when it comes to the management of diabetes and other health problems that are closely associated with high blood sugar levels. The mushroom even helps with improved kidney function, which is extremely helpful considering reduced kidney function is often a result of unmanaged blood sugar levels. 

Potential to fight tumor cells

Cordyceps have the potential to fight tumor cells. While this vital benefit of cordyceps is still not fully proven, research into the herbs' capabilities shows that the mushroom may help with the treatment and protection against tumors. This means that the mushroom may have the ability to fight human cancer cells. The anti-tumor properties of the cordyceps mushroom are being studied currently as they show great promise and can be the next breakthrough in the field of medicine. With the direction that most of the studies are taking, it is becoming clearer that at some point, cordyceps may be used as part of cancer treatment. (3) Human studies have shown that the cordyceps fungus benefits inhibiting or stopping the growth of cancer cells in different organs in the body such as the lungs, colon, skin, and liver. Protecting the liver from cancer, cordyceps also improves liver function if the liver already has cancer cells.  In the studies, the cordyceps mushroom supplement benefits on cancer show that the fungus doesn’t just attack one specific type of cancer cells but multiple different types of cancer cells, inhibiting their growth and reducing the incidence of cancer drastically. Whether you are using the fruiting body of the mushroom or you are using the more affordable supplements, you will end up enjoying the same benefits. 


Increase in athletic abilities and endurance


Cordyceps mushroom benefits also include increased athletic abilities which are a result of improved endurance. The fungus increases the production of adenosine triphosphate or ATP, the energy currency of the human body. This explains the increased energy seen after the use of cordyceps supplements. 

Boost your Immune System

Cordyceps mushrooms can boost your immune system, helping your body fight diseases and stay healthy in the long term. This means that by simply leveraging the vitamins, minerals, bioactive compounds, and any other ingredient you get from consuming cordyceps, you can reduce your visits to the doctor. 


Side Effects

Cordyceps mushrooms are all-natural components of traditional medicine that are widely used for their energy-enhancing and memory-improving functions. Cordyceps mushrooms are generally safe for human consumption and are classified as safe natural drugs when taken in non-toxic amounts. Some common side effects associated with the use of Cordyceps mushrooms are:

  • Stomach discomfort
  • Constipation 
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Dry mouth 
  • Slows the clotting of blood (people with bleeding disorders are particularly at risk)
  • May increase the symptoms of autoimmune disease
  • Can increase the levels of sex hormones
  • May decrease blood sugar levels leading to hypoglycemia




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